Dear Prasad,

according to my knowledge Player does not support any bare motor. The list of supported devices is here:

For MAXON it is not a matter of supporting motor, but a motion controller.
Non of the avialable drivers (actuators array nor position2d robot) use MAXON motion controllers.
You have to develop it with yourself.

For MAXON motion controller you should look at Linux libraries: - for RS232 interface - for newer EPOS2, with USB interface, no source code avialable

I am currently developing my own version, which you can fetch from the following SVN repository:

Hope this helps,

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 07:19, prasad <> wrote:

Hello all,

Has anyone tried to use MAXON series brushless DC motors with PLAYER?

Before purchasing we would like to confirm if PLAYER has supported drivers for MAXON.



Thanks and Regards,

Prasad Dixit



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