Yep, you are right. I have done similar work as part of my MSc thesis 3 year ago.
I would not choose any different software suite for the robot now. The PSG in my
opinion is "the way to go".

Do not forget, that it will be extremely useful to have also models of your robot
for Stage (2D) and Gazebo (3D) simulators.

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 16:01, Suraj Swami <> wrote:

I just heard about player three months ago when I was doing my study
of Mobile Robot.
But on looking into the depth of it I got to learn lot of knowledge
about Mobile Robots. In fact it gave a complete direction to my study.
In these short time I got to learn various algorithm as well see its
practical implimention.The hardware present in the market and how to
use it. Hats off to the developers of PSG.

Is it possible to create my mobile robot right from the scratch. I
guess this is what the player-stage is used for but I just wanted to
confirm if I can make a mobile robot by the following direction.

-I first make my basic robot module having all functionality to
support  position2d on it.
-Then I choose proper Sonar Sensors array with a USB interface or
directly go for Laser scanner.
--I write proper device driver of my modules for  player.
-I select a proper controller and then port linux on it. Along with
various features like serial port, USB and ethernet. and the basic
drivers written for it.
- Then I install  the Player application on it. and then run the server.
-And then run the pre-tested client codes on the same board or a
external laptop.

How efficient will it be. And will be able to work in dynamic envoirment.

Please advice.

Suraj Swami,

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