Hi Greg thanks for your advice.
I have used vcc4ctrl.exe  and I can command ptz but with playerv I have the same problem.
USB -> serial adapter works well because I also use it for connect the robot on usb port on my laptop and I don't have any problem with it.

 controlling the camera with either Canon's windows-based software (vcc4ctrl.exe, from the canonusa.com site), or some other software with built-in VCC4 support.  This may indicate whether the issue is with the cable or USB adapter, or with the Player driver.  The vcc4 serial comms are finicky.   The cable requires the RS-232 hardware handshake lines not often used anymore in  RS232 comms, and USB->serial adapters often muck up some things, especially timing issues.  If VCC4ctrl.exe works, then the problem is probably either the Player driver or the linux driver for your USB->serial adapter. 
2) Don't know why the vcc4 documentation (but not source) has been removed from 2.0.3 and cvs. I've had a lot of issues with the Player vcc4 driver, so I wrote my own as a Player plug-in driver.  At least for me, it's been more stable and uses more of the capability of the VCC4 (speed, etc) than the stock driver.  I've been meaning to put this up on the Player Wiki.  If 1) doesn't help you, I can revisit packaging my driver up for public consumption.
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I have  connected my PTZ  canon VCC4 on usb port on my laptop ( using a mini-din 8 pin ->serial cable and then using a serial->usb adaptor)
But I have a problem to use Ptz with playerv. When I subscribe the device with playerv, I can command ptz for only few seconds and then the led on camera becomes red and I get this error message: "SendAbsPanTilt  errored. bailing"
After then, ptz remains in stop status even if I try to command it with playerv.
Somebody can help me ?

 I can't find documentation about canonvcc4 driver on playerstage internet site. why ?

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