Hi Reed thanks for answer.
Until now we haven't tried  VCC50i because we are trying to configure a Canon VCC4 and then we'll try to set VCC50i. But we have no success with vcc4 because we only get black images using playercam. The camera is plugged in to the microcontroller. Do you think that the problem is for this ?

thanks in advance

2006/12/20, Reed Hedges <reed@mobilerobots.com >:
Valentino wrote:
> Hi
> we have a canon vc-c50i  but it seem there is no driver for this camera.
> How we can use it on a Pioneer 3-dx platform ?

Hi Valentino, the VCC50i is compatible with the VCC4 so the canonvcc4 driver
should probably work I think (never tried it though).  Have you tried it yet?
  The main issue I think is that the canonvcc4 driver can only connect to the
camera directly on a computer serial port, if your camera is plugged in to the
microcontroller you need to reconnect it; or modify the p2os and canonvcc4
drivers to communicate-- discussion on that topic right now on the -developers
list actually...


(Note, while we like to help out where possible, MobileRobots, Inc.
does not officially support Player.)

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