i'm working in simulation. My camera is a CanonVCC4. I have noted that green = 0 appears only for some directions between robot and green box.  For these  directions  playerv visualize a narrow green blob (that appears and disappears) more narrow than that i can see with camera.
is it only noise ??? Can i do something for decrease this noise ?

2006/9/18, Brian Gerkey <brian@gerkey.org>:

On Sep 15, 2006, at 1:10 PM, Valentino wrote:
> The problem is that blobfinder doesn't continuously  detect green
> blob even if it's always in Field of view. Infact the printf
> instruction in the code, prints continuously these lines:
> GREEN Color: 255
> GREEN Color: 255
> GREEN Color: 255
> GREEN Color: 0
> GREEN Color: 0
> GREEN Color: 0
> GREEN Color: 255
> GREEN Color: 255
> GREEN Color: 0

Looks like the blobfinder sometimes sees the blob and sometimes
doesn't.  Depending on the kind of blobfinder, that's not necessarily
surprising; it's called sensor noise.

What is your vision setup (simulated or physical? what kind of
camera, blobfinder?)


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