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Answering to Jordi question.

- That code you talked about is in the miarn plugins package, for version 1.6.5.
- The rtk3d was not planned for simulations, therefore it doesn't need the physics dependency.
- The concept is almost perfect. In fact i believe it already is bloated :). Gotta make it simpler. Simple is beautiful.
- Opengl is nice because it does not add any further dependencies. The only drawback i found is that when stacking transparent objects they have to be draw from far to close (painters algorithm). Asides from that the api is very practical to get things done.
 - Of course developers are welcome, like every project in Open Source Software. As long as they make things better.
- xml requests are communications exchanging formatted text streams. Example : client->server: <question type="coordinates" argument="r2d2"/>
server->client: <reply x="0" ..../>
And using tinyxml they are really easy to do. Just do stream << xml;

- I think some of your code belongs to player server, even in the paper you
talk about a couple of plugins that gets laser data and returns fiducial
information. I think that algorithms can be merged in player, so everybody
can use them
- I do like your concept of plugins and XML based configuration.
- I think that concept can go even farther (as I proved with the XML based
- It seems that you don't use any physics engine, am I wrong?
- You are going to continue using raw openGL in the foreseable future?
- developers are welcomed?

About your last email, I didn't get the player +xmlrpc idea. I suppose I need
an example :P

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