Hello everybody.

This is a proof of concept release, it's kind of broken but it already show the ideas can be possible.
The distributed rpm were tested with the linux distribution mandriva 2006 (recommended).

New releases for player 1.6.5:
* Player Viewer 3D (needs http://fltk.org version 2.0)
  view from the top(like playerv or stage) or view perspective
  load .obj files(use wings 3d or blender to create them)
  plugins initiated from xml files
  command the robots
  view webcam
  multiple windows
  interaction with 3d objects
  easy to implement new plugins
* Robotics toolkit 3D (needs http://fltk.org version 2.0)
  library for common 3d operations
  enables  interacting between objects
* libxmlconfig
  Taken from gazebo worldfile with the hope to use it for other applications besides gazebo (player and stage)
* logfiles
  some log files used in our experiments

The following two need a patch to player 1.6.5 to work
* laser people tracking (updated)
  track persons if the robot is idle
* laser feature detection (updated)
  detect lines and arcs (fastest method know)

I need help maintaining the software, specially the visualization stuff. So contact me to join the developer team.
I would like to add all of the player developers to miarn project ? anybody knowns how this can be acomplished ?
Will add the files to a cvs later on.
There are two major bugs on player viewer 3d : picking and transparency depending on the order the plugins are loaded.
Feedback is appreciated.

downloads on http://sourceforge.net/projects/miarn/

Joćo Xavier
@ smogzer_at_gmail.com
W3 http://miarn.cjb.net
Institute for Systems and Robotics
University of Coimbra