Most of the issues I was having before are no longer. I wonder if I checked out right when someone was checking in, or my checkout silently failed part way through or something. But I'm still having libtool issues. If I use the libtool script from player-2.0.3 it builds fine. The generated libtool and the libtool from 2.0.3 that works can be found here:

Unrelated I'm trying to upload a patch but sourceforge is giving me problems. It might be a good candidate to include in 2.0.4 so I'm including it here. I'll try to upload it again tonight:
Summary: Sleep While Idle (Mac 100% CPU Usage Fix)

On Mac when Player doesn't have any clients connected, the CPU usage jumps to 100%. Once a client connects, it drops significantly. This doesn't seem to effect Linux however. (I didn't investigate the TCP/UDP libraries to fully understand why. It could be that my patch is really just covering up a bigger problem)

To fix it I've added a check to see if we have no clients, if that's the case, it sleeps for .1 seconds.

The only possible downside I can think of (But I could be overlooking something! Someone double check me) is that there is up to a .1 second additional delay for the first client to connect. This seems quite acceptable.

On 4/30/07, Brian Gerkey < > wrote:

On Apr 24, 2007, at 5:58 PM, Kevin Barry wrote:

> I just checked out CVS today and have been having a hell of a time
> building it. Part of it is because I'm on a mac, and trying to
> make the camera1394 driver compile (Which after I get all setup
> I'll post a patch/information). But part of it is because it seems
> that a lot of directories have been removed from CVS, such as
> libplayerdrivers which has been mostly replaced by drivers. However
> tries to include the driverregistry.h which now doesn't
> exist.

CVS builds fine for me on OS X (10.4).  Can you send the compile /
link errors you're getting?


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