Hey again folks,

  I think I've got myself setup with the current versions now (player is 2.2, stage 2.1) following the instructions from the FAQ page (the correct one this time, I was working from the old one before :-).

  I've got a client program that was working with the old version of player/stage I was using previously but now doesn't work properly. I'm using blobfinder and previously the stage window showed a small blobfinder window for each robot that could see something. Now the blobfinder never seems to see anything. The trimmed version of my code is

    PlayerClient robot (gHostname, gPort);
    BlobfinderProxy bp(&robot, gIndex);
      iCentreX = (bp.GetWidth())/2;
      iCentreY = (bp.GetHeight())/2;
      iBlobCount = bp.GetCount();
  It compiles fine and runs without throwing out any errors. iCentreX & iCentreY both correctly get filled and I can write them to the screen to confirm that so the robot and bp must be getting setup correctly but bp.GetCount() only ever returns 0.

  Has there been a change to the way the blobfinder works in 2.2 (or 2.1) ? Is there something I need to do to switch the blobfinder on now ?



ps The current faq has the svn command for stage 3.0 as
svn co https://playerstage.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/playerstage/code/player/trunk stage_3.0

should it be

svn co https://playerstage.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/playerstage/code/stage/trunk stage_3.0

instead ?