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2007/3/30, ClintD <>:


I am trying to install Player-Stage-Gazebo on my machine for use on a school
robotics project. Unfortunately, I am new to this whole enviroment (and
Linux, which I'm installing it on) and so I'm having problems. I believe I
have player/stage working (I followed the install directions on the site and
seemed to not have any problems), but I can't get Gazebo working using the
same unzip, ./configure, make, make install method I used for the first two

The error I am currently getting says I need openGL, which I understand now
to be some sort of 3D rendering software. I've been trying to find out how
to install that, but it seems I'm getting nowhere. It seems like in order to
get it working I need GLX or SGIX, and to get that working I need something
else, etc. And being new the Linux environment isn't helping.

Can anybody help? I would greatly appreciate it!

Also, incase its necessary to know, I'm running Fedora Core 6, and have a
Matrox Millennium G450 Video Card.

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