we're currently trying to change our blobfinding from colored blobs (using cmvision) to marker detection using the artoolkitplus driver. Player version: 2.05, ARToolkitPlus Version 2.02. Now we wanted to test it with playerv, but playerv does not show anything. This is our .cfgfile:

  name "camerav4l"
  provides ["camera:0"]
  port "/dev/video0"
  source 0
  size [352 288]
  #mode "RGB565"
  mode "GREY"

  name "artoolkitplus"
  requires ["camera:0"]
  provides ["blobfinder:0"]
  #marker_count 1
  #marker_ids [0]

If we uncomment the last two lines, player produces a warning "defined but not used" for each of them.
We printed the marker with (according to artoolkitplus) ID 0. We also tried both camera modes supported by artkplus.
The camera setup should work, as it worked with colored blobs.
Can anyone help us here? Did we forget anything? Do we need to config ARToolkitPlus itself somewhere?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Matthias and Felix