On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 6:16 PM, Benjamin Kloster <ben-kloster@gmx.de> wrote:
Hi everyone,
I just submitted a few patches to the tracker that add a generic actarray controller, an opaque interface for player and a controller that utilizes this interface to read out the forces occuring in joints.

I find it easier to learn by example than to study source code, so I have attached a simple snake-like robot (Carl = crawling autonomous robotic lifeform) that makes use of these patches. I would have submitted it as a patch as well, but
a) I'm not happy with how it looks (if anyone could write a How-To for _textured_ Blender export, that would be great)
b) I think it is a bit too simple to be included in the Gazebo svn. What about setting up some kind of repository (be it subversion or ftp) to gather some robots for Gazebo?

Have you seen the simple car? I made that one and feel  ashamed by it was just an example of how to use wheels.
I think your efforts are very doable and having your example in the SVN makes Gazebo absolutely better. If Gazebo needs something, it is examples and models. So I definitely encourage you submit a patch with it.

I'll try and fix up a contact sensor similar to the jointforce interface in the next few days (someone requested it, I think). I'll just have to test it a bit more.

Oh, and one final comment about the already submitted patches: the jointforce controller is completely incompatible with PAL because the abstraction layer doesn't seem to support joint forces at all (figures, my work group had to look for ages for a simulator that could give us these forces).

I think PAL is going to have a big update soon... It may be added.


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