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Now the exception is catched and a Gazebo exception is thrown.  It's better than a segfault but I don't know how to load a default font ...

On Jan 25, 2008 9:12 AM, Michael Sheldon <> wrote:

 I've been having trouble with the SVN version of Gazebo and tracked it
down to gazebo being unable to find the Arial font; it looks like
instead of calling:

                     "Could not find font " + fontName,

 Which just creates a new Ogre::Exception object and does nothing with
it (leading to a segfault as it then goes on to try and load the font
anyway). It looks like you need to be using the OGRE_EXCEPT macro
instead for the exception to actually be raised correctly; i.e.

                     "Could not find font " + fontName,

 This will then display the error to the user correctly (although in
this case it might be better to catch the exception and just use the
default font).


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