In my previous mail I didn't understand how setFog works.
Now I do. Just comment that line and you will have your sky back.

On Dec 28, 2007 5:43 AM, Sawyer <> wrote:

Replacing line 180 with:
this->sceneMgr->setFog(Ogre::FOG_LINEAR, *this->backgroundColor, 0, 0.1000,
Allows me to run most of the provided world files. Good job Jordi!

I am still not able to run either or they both die
with seg faults, and dies on a missing pioneer 2 controller.
But I am able to run all of the other worlds.

On an unrelated note, I had to manually copy the Media and worlds directories
over, the old ones did not get overwritten, this may be desired behavior but
I thought I would bring it up.

Also while the skydomes appear to be made of the material "CloudSky" all of my
skys are black.


On Thursday 27 December 2007 10:41:19 am Jordi wrote:
> I might have found the problem.
> server/rendering/ line 180 :
>   this->sceneMgr->setFog(Ogre::FOG_LINEAR, *this->backgroundColor, 0, 1000,
> 1000);
> According to the Ogre documentation :
> void Ogre::SceneManager::setFog      (       FogMode        mode =
> FOG_NONE, const ColourValue &      colour = ColourValue::White,
>         Real      expDensity = 0.001,
>         Real      linearStart = 0.0,
>         Real      linearEnd = 1.0
>     )
> Parameters:
>         mode     Set up the mode of fog as described in the FogMode enum,
> or set to FOG_NONE to turn off.
>         colour     The colour of the fog. Either set this to the same as
> your viewport background colour, or to blend in with a skydome or skybox.
>         expDensity     The density of the fog in FOG_EXP or FOG_EXP2 mode,
> as a value between 0 and 1. The default is 0.001 .
>         linearStart     Distance in world units at which linear fog starts
> to encroach. Only applicable if mode is FOG_LINEAR.
>         linearEnd     Distance in world units at which linear fog becomes
> completely opaque. Only applicable if mode is FOG_LINEAR.
> So the last but one parameter is wrong, instead of 1000 should be
> 0.something.
> BUT we are using FOG_LINEAR and hence that parameter should not influence.
> In fact, playing with it, it really don't seems to change anything, even as
> high as 100.
> But setting it to 1000 will give the black screen.
> Tomorrow I will send a bug report to Ogre and send a proper patch to Gazebo
> (I made some code refactoring while reading the code) if someone can
> reproduce my same result.
> I'll appreciate if someone can just comment that line, recompile and see if
> the black screen problem went away.
> Thank you very much for all the information you gave.

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