Have you installed gazebo 0.8-pre1 ?

You have to write:
scons install

On Dec 20, 2007 1:57 AM, Stéphane LAFORET <laflaf3d@yahoo.fr > wrote:
Hi, I come from a gazebo 0.7.0 installation

I installed player 2.1.0 and gazebo 0.8-pre1

when I launch try a .world file with this new gazebo,
a black screen called fltk::gazebo appear and it is
very blocking my keyboard. It is always black and
never display a robot. In other hand, the terminal
windows display this kind of info:

** Gazebo 0.8 **
* Part of the Player/Stage Project
* Copyright 2000-2005 Copyright (C) 2003 Nate Koenig,
Andrew Howard, and contributors.
* Released under the GNU General Public License.
 Creating GUI:
       Type[fltk] Pos[0 0] Size[800 600]
GUI Init
Unable to file ~/.gazeborc. Using default paths. This
may cause OGRE to fail.
creating /tmp/gazebo-laforet-0
creating /tmp/gazebo-laforet-0/simulation.default 112
 cam1_sensor sensor has no controller.
deleting /tmp/gazebo-laforet-0/simulation.default
deleting /tmp/gazebo-laforet-0

Someone know whats happen?

Kind regards

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