May I suggest to review the already contributed patches?
In the tracking system there are patches sitting there more than 2 years. I guess they not longer apply to 2.1 or were already applied but maybe not.
As occasional contributor to several projects, I know the feeling of writing a patch and be ignored. The number of open old patches in the tracking system tend to show the chances you have to be ignored and tend to scare contributors.

I am not arguing that playerstage has a problem. I only argue that taking care of people's patches even just to close them as not applicable, encourage new contributors.

On Dec 14, 2007 8:17 AM, Brian Gerkey <> wrote:
Two releases have been made from the 2.1.x line (i.e., from CVS HEAD):

Player 2.1.0rc1
Stage 2.1.0rc1

Get them from the usual spot:

As the names suggest, these are release candidates.  Given how much
of the internals of Player have changed between 2.0.x and 2.1.x, we
expect a few bugs to be hiding, particularly in the lesser-used
drivers.  The idea is to get folks to try out this new code and
report bugs (preferably with patches to fix them).  Please help!

Jordi Polo Carres
Natural language processing laboratory