On 2/7/07, Luis J. Manso <luis.manso@gmail.com> wrote:

I guess and I say _guess_ that the API and future shape of Gazebo is still not
defined to spend time in this kind of documentation. Better spend time
Anyway to free Nate from all the work, what about using the player-stage
gazebo wiki to put this information together?

The developing process have many steps, you can't (shouldn't) write a program if you don't know where do you want to go. Take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_design .
I don't want a book about "the future of gazebo", only a *little* explanation in order to discuss wich are the best solutions.

In the first mail Nate sent, he stated the new features and the TODO list. This is enough for me to know where to go.
Documentation about API, world files, python hooks and things like that are more useful for users and developers interested in extending gazebo.
Till the new version is in full shape it would be pretty difficult to freeze these things. I mean that I am sure that Nate can change the current world file (the format is changing anyways) if anybody develops a sensible and useful extension. Anyway, this is just my guess about how general open source goes, I just think Gazebo should be very similar.

Maybe some information on the current syntax of the world file to let some
people start testing their own worlds even when this syntax may change in
near future.

I don't think people want to do twice the same work.

But some early test of gazebo before it reaches a new milestone (the API should be stable then) can be really really useful.


Jordi Polo