Something I overlooked in the last email.
Microsoft people talked a lot about how excited the robotics community was with their technology.
Both Microsoft's project and  P/S/G  will be sucessful only  if they are supported by robotics community.

On this regard, there's something we have overlooked: the P/S/G webpage.

I think that the webpage must be revamped. Or another page must be done elsewhere. See details below.

Nowadays the webpage of the P/S/G is logically focused on this project.

Luckyly there is a mention to  "third parties applications" (Microsoft terminology) in
Just one page for them.

Also there is no "code developed for P/S/G" page.
This page can be very interesting, "follow the black line problem" implementations for instance can go here.
A lot of people using P/S/G have developed code for their own projects that is actually opensource but there's no place to contribute it. And a lot of people using P/S/G can work must faster using those previously developed examples.

I see three main areas for a new revamped page:

 - P/S/G
 - Developer's additions that are not in the P/S/G CVS (but may go into it some day) I think that a CVS can be set up for these developers so all the code can be together and sincronized with P/S/G
 - Code developed using P/S/G

I think that Microsoft will do or have already done something like this. And it's a intelligent step IMHO.

Jordi Polo