I am trying to install Player-3.0.1 and Stage on Linux Knoppix 6.2, but have some problems doing this. I have downloaded the player-3.0.1.tar.gz file from SourceForge and I have followed the installation instructions that comes with the downloaded file.

I have:

1. extracted the Player files to the following location: /media/sda1/Multi-robotsimulator/player-3.0.1

2. created a “build” directory in the player-3.0.1 directory

3. gone into the build directory and written cmake in the command line of the LXTerminal.

However I only get the following message:

bash: cmake: command not found

Nothing else happens after this..

I have also tried to download and install cmake-2.8.1, but when I type “make install” in the command line I get the following error message:

-- Install configuration: ""

CMake Error at cmake_install.cmake:36 (FILE):

file cannot create directory: /usr/local/doc/cmake-2.8. Maybe need

administrative privileges.

make: *** [install] Error 1


Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong..?

Do I have to install cmake to install player-3.0.1 and if so what is wrong? I am the administrator of the system.


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