Hi All,

I'm using stage in conjunction with ROS to simulate a robot. I'm having some difficulty acquiring the initial position of the robot. It shows up in the correct location on the gui, but the reported pose is relative to the initial position.

One solution that I found was using the localization_origin parameter in the world file. However, adding it causes an error to stageros on startup.

stageros: worldfile.cc:757: const char* Stg::Worldfile::GetTokenValue(int): Assertion 'index >= 0 && index < this->token_count' failed.

Below is an excerpt from the world file that I'm using.

define erratic position
  size3 [0.35 0.35 0.25]
  origin3 [-0.05 0 0 0]
  drive "diff"
  localization "odom"
  localization_origin [0 0 0]
  odom_error [0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01]
  gui_nose 1
  topurg(pose [0.05 0 0])

erratic( pose [15 8 0] name "era" color "blue")

Am I setting this parameter incorrectly?Thank you all in advance.

Alexis Cheng
Electrical Engineering
University of British Columbia