Again I am soliciting the wisdom of the users group. I am running the ATRV series of robots using the rflex driver. I switched to Player 1.6 hoping to capitalize on the improved timing features.

With Version 1.5 I was pushing new data at a rate of 20 Hz. I sometimes experienced latencies that resulted in the delayed response to commands and delayed updates of system information(e.g odometry, sonar range reading, and power). When I switched to version 1.6 the same 20 Hz data mode totally chokes the system. With 1.6 I get and occasional windows of opportunity to command the robot followed by large spans of time of no response. My hypothesis is I am over taxing the Microcontroller by sending too many requests. To prove this hypothesis, set the data pushmode to 10 Hz and the system performance improved but not to the level of Player 1.5 at 20 Hz.

Here are my questions... Is what I am experiencing standard across the entire Player paradigm or is it limited to the rflex driver? Toby have witnessed any of the issues I describe in your work with the B21r? Is it normal to expect the player->Read() function to block for 60-100ms when requesting new data? Based on the documentation and defaults I figured it made sense for me to push new data. Should I use some other data delivery mode?

Douglas A Few
Idaho National Laboratory
Human, Robotic, and Remote Systems Group
Principle Research Scientist
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