My understanding is that he new Hokuyo UTM-30LX works using the same protocol as the URG.  Since I do not have much experience with the URG driver let me clarify that if the URG player driver is written to the Hokuyo SCIP 2.0 protocol it should just work... if not it will require very little tweeking.

Regarding the sensor itself....

I have a little experience with the URG... it seemed very noisy and had a limited range (4Meters).  The URG was also subject to errors of omission when pointing at a black surface (such as a black pant leg) and was easily flooded by sun light.  With these limitations I rated its quality greater than sonar less than your Sick LMS200.

The UTM-30LX has a detection range of 30 meters.... you get 1024 reading across a 270 degree field.  If you average the 2-3 adjacent reading (available via the hokuyo firmware) the noise issues of the URG are greatly reduced... I have yet to use the UTM enough to have accessed its robustness outdoors but I  am sure it will better than the URG.

Finally, Sick has just come out with the LMS100 which is about 1/2 the size of the LMS200 but twice the price of the Hokuyo.

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Fred Labrosse <>

01/27/09 08:44 AM
Please respond to

[Playerstage-users] [Slightly OT:] Hokuyo laser scanners


We are on the market to buy new laser scanners.  So far, we've had two LMS200
that haven't been used much and one has failed already and the other one is
making noises similar to what the one that failed did before failing.

I noticed that player supports the URG lasers from Hokuyo.  First, can anyone
comment on their quality?  Second, and to make the post more relevant to the
mailing list, are the other scanners from Hokuyo likely to work with the URG
player driver?  If not, how much work would adapting the driver involve?



P.S.  The URG link in the Device column of the supported device in the player
documentation is dead.

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