I started working with gazebo a couple of weeks ago. I'm simulating a mobile robot and have some issues that I need some help for to resolve.


One is that I'm creating immovable objects by adding submodels to the groundplane, but this will result in an openGL error if I add a terrain model. I used the buggle debugger and found that the error occurs after the glCalllist call for the groundplane. Does anyone have an Idea what the reason is and how to remedy this? I couldn't find any bugs in the code and the picture that is drawn looks how it is supposed to.


An other issue is that the robot falls through the terrain and road models. I read that it was an issue in a former release. But since I'm using the latest one it must be something else. So did anybody encounter the same problem?


And last I have a question about how to add a python interface. I saw that you are using swig on the gazebo.i. But this results for me a in an error when I start wxgazebo and it tries to import gazebo.py. The swig generated file looks right so I have no clue what I missed. 


I'd be really thankful for any hints.