Hello Radu,

Stage works with .world files (not .cfg) - try stage worlds/simple.world.



On 24 October 2012 19:22, Radu Moisan <radu.moisan@intel.com> wrote:
Hi guys,
I am just ramping up with player/stage and I managed to install everything (I think) but I am stuck with this

radu@dell-desktop>stage worlds/simple.cfg
Stage 4.1.1
 [Loading Documents/Development/Stage.4/Stage/worlds/simple.cfg]
err: Model type driver not found in model typetable (/home/radu/Documents/Development/Stage.4/Stage/libstage/world.cc CreateModel)
err: Unknown model type driver in world file. (/home/radu/Documents/Development/Stage.4/Stage/libstage/world.cc CreateModel)

I google'd a little about this but no luck. Can somebody point me in the right direction?


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