Thanks for the reply. Indeed, changing to the position2d interface and adding three colons does the trick. Is it possible to update your reference [3] (the p2os driver description) example section so that it reads 'odometry:::position2d:0' instead of the current, incorrect 'odometry::position:0'? 

Kind regards 
Raf Berkvens

On 10 January 2013 02:10, Rich Mattes <> wrote:
On 01/09/2013 08:33 AM, Raf Berkvens wrote:
> Dear mailing list subscribers
> We just got a Pioneer 3DX robot in our lab and I'm trying to communicate
> with it using Player. However, the default example cfg, updated to the
> correct serial port, does not seem to work.
> This is the cfg:
> # pioneer.cfg
> driver
> (
>      name "p2os"
>      provides ["odometry::position:0" "sonar:0" "power:0"]
>      port "/dev/ttyUSB0"
> )
> I have removed the compass, since there's none installed on our robot. The
> port line sets the correct serial port.
> This is the output of $ player pioneer.cfg

As per the config file documentation[1], the form for device addresses
is key:hostname:port:interface:index.  With only two colons, you're
trying to say that Player should provide the "position" interface over
the hostname "odometry."  It tries to look up "odometry" as a hostname
to get the associated IP address and fails with lots of name lookup type

More importantly, there is no "position" interface[2].  The p2os
driver[3] provides a position2d interface.

> Of course, 'odometry' is written where the host should be, and since it's no
> host, it must fail. So I assumed it was a key and tried three colons instead
> of two ("odometry:::position:0"). This gave following message:
> player/pioneer.cfg:7 error: unknown interface: [position]

This form is correct, but you need to use position2d (Player is trying
to tell you that no interface definition exists for "position").



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