Yes, the graphics2d and -3d differ in some aspects (such as the drawpolygons). I prefer the 3d because of the OpenGL like drawing.

Good luck!


On 14 November 2012 16:33, Toon Van Assche <> wrote:
Dear Raf,

Graphics3dProxy didn't work (no DrawPolygon function) but
Graphics2dProxy with your solution did work!
Here is what I did:

# .world
        name "floor"

# .cnf
          name "stage"
          provides ["graphics2d:0]
          model "floor"

Now I can use the "Graphics2dProxy gp1(&robot,0);" in my code
(main.cpp) without throwing exceptions.
The code I used draws something square-like but now I can easily
adjust this code to draw my particles.
Really appreciate your help Raf!



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