playerv is not being build nor install, thats sure, but to know why, output from Cmake would be more usefull. Before running it, remove all files generated previously. To post output consider or similar instead of googledocs.


On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 12:13 AM, Ather Shiraz Sidiki (Shiraz) <> wrote:
When one types playerv the error is "command not found". whereis
playerv also returns a blank line.

One was able to cmake;make;make install player; one was able to install stage.
Can run stage ; also player simple.cfg works fine.

When one goes into the usr/local/bin directory one sees:
s@ubuntu:/usr/local/bin$ ls
player              playerjoy          playerprint  playerxdrgen
playerinterfacegen  playerlogsplitter  playerprop   stage

There is no playerv.
Any idea why this is so?

I am attaching (providing url for) the output from make and make install :

OS: Ubuntu 11.04

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