You need to clean all temp data generated by make and especially cmake. If you ran cmake inside build directory with "cmake ../" just "rm * -rf" inside build directory. If you are not sure remove everything (all sources) and download it again. If there will be still problem paste us first output of make and cmake after cleaning temps. Second run always gives less output.


On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 3:42 AM, Ather Shiraz Sidiki (Shiraz) <atharshiraz@gmail.com> wrote:
Here is the cmake output http://pastebin.com/T2FbpheN

I don't recall seeing this error before. "configuration incomplete,
errors occurred" If I had I would not have gone further to make and
make install. Nonetheless I am redoing the make and make install and

cmake..  seems to say that :
"-- playercam will not be built - GTK not found
-- playernav will not be built - Gnome Canvas not found
-- playerv will not be built - GTK not found or RTK disabled."


Steps taken to tackle above:
1) I went to this site and followed the instructions given
) and I installed libgtk2-dev. I had to reboot the computer to see
this work (even after trying source .bashrc).
2) other libs added
[added libgnomecanvas2-dev]
 [libgsl0-dev installed]
[sudo apt-get install mikmod] (for xmms)

However despite this after I run make and make install it does not
show palyerv in the bin directory. The updated output from cmake no
longer gives errors with regards to playerv and gtk.


On  2011-09-28 22:21 Łukasz Kszonowski <kszonek@gm...> - wrote:
> playerv is not being build nor install, thats sure, but to know why, output
> from Cmake would be more usefull. Before running it, remove all files
> generated previously. To post output consider http://pastebin.com/ or
> similar instead of googledocs.

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