I've been working on a player driver that allows network communication (at a high level) to simulate the communications between robots.  The problem I've recently noticed is that my CMD messages are being somehow lost somewhere between the client proxy (playerc_client_write(device->info.client, &device->info, PLAYER_NSDNET_CMD_SEND, &cmd, NULL);) and the player driver(Message::MatchMessage(hdr, PLAYER_MSGTYPE_CMD,
            PLAYER_NSDNET_CMD_SEND, device_addr)).

My code works fine, but when the client sends off CMD messages in quick succession (i.e. few function calls apart), some of the messages never seem to arrive at the driver.  This is in TCP mode (which I assume would not lose packets).

Any ideas why this could be happening?



Tai Chi Minh Ralph Eastwood