Il giorno 27/giu/06, alle ore 09:46, Michael Giambalvo ha scritto:

I really like their simulator.  I think a lot of people would benefit

from a MS Robotics plugin for player.  At the very least, the

simulator would be great for those of us who are stuck on Windows

workstations and can't use gazebo.  Plus, using the hardware

accelerated physics opens the possibilty of doing high-fidelity

simulations with large populations.


not to fuel the usual foss Vs proprietary sw flame war, but maybe on the list of priorities we should put  gazebo enhancements before a ms robotics plugin ... that is, everything could be worthwhile in a suite like p/s, so surely even that kind of plugin, but since dev time is limited I think improving gazebo is more important than enabling users to use ms simulator with player.

as for the debug thing, I suppose that a proprietary toolkit can't simply beat an open source one on that ground, no matter how good it is, and if you read Kurt Konolige's last posts on the list probably you get my point  ;-)

however, I think the introduction of robotics studio can be a great source of inputs and ideas for p/s ... when competition breaks out, evolution does too ;-)

Mirko Bordignon - University of Padova, Italy