I am trying to make a SICK LMS 220 laser work in a Activ Media People Bot.
I manage to configure, start up and read the laser device without no problems, but I get really unexpected readings from the laser:
When configuring the laser like this (laserp.Configure (min_angle, max_angle, scan_res, range_res, 1)):
max_angle = 3.1415;
min_angle = 0;
scan_res = 50;                                //2 points per degree
range_res = 1;
I get no errors, but the laser does NOT make the desired 180 (0-3.1415 radians) scan. Instead, it makes a 90 scan. However, the resolution in range (range_res) and resolution angle (scan_res)  is kept the same.
So instead of getting the desired 361 points (180 scan, 2 points per degree) in the scan, I get only the half of it (181).
I tried several combinations of "scan_res" and "max_angle", and I get similar problems with some of them.
I know the maximum size allowed for one scan is 401 points, so it is sensible that the combination "scan_res=25" and "max_angle=3.1415" is not working at all, as it would need 4*180 = 721 points. But I don't get why the combination I am trying is not working, as it would produce 361 points.
Maybe the driver for the SICK LMS 200 are not working in SICK LMS 220? Currently I am using this config line for the laser:
laser:0 (driver "sicklms200" port "/dev/ttyS2")
Any idea about the reason why this is happening?