If you are not using hardware you can avoid using Player. But to control the robots you will have to write controller programs for the bots. To do so you will have to write programs in the examples/ctrl/ folder of the Stage source code. You can see how the file examples/ctrl/wander.cc is controlling the robot in the simple.world example you are running. The controller program (i.e. wander.cc) for the pioneer2dx robot is specified by the ctrl "wander" line in the simple.world file.

If you add a new controller program of yours, add it to the above mentioned folder and add the name of the program in the example/ctrl/CMakeLists.txt file and recompile Stage.

In this way you are using Stage as a standalone program.


On 25 June 2011 19:13, Jenny Owen <jowen@cs.york.ac.uk> wrote:
I spent an hour or so trying to fix this same error messages with an
intern yesterday. We fixed it by:
1) reinstall libltdl and libltdl-dev
2) Restart your computer (this step was important)
3) delete the source code for player and re-download it from the site.
4) reconfigure and install player again from the downloaded code.

For us that gave us an error about Stage which was fixed by repeating
steps 3 and 4 for stage as well. Since you have stage working that might
not be necessary.
Not sure about the answer to your actual question I'm afraid.


On 24/06/2011 18:23, Little Fat Cat wrote:
> Hi guys
> I'm currently using Stage/Player as my final dissertation project. The first
> step of my project is to make some robots aggregate to some certain place or
> around specific object with colour.
> I follow the instruction of Player and Stage to install it, and finally I
> can run simple.world with stage. But when I try to run *.cfg file with
> Player there are some errors.
> error   : Sorry, no support for shared libraries, so can't load plugins.
> error   : You should install libltdl, which is part of GNU libtool, then
> re-compile player.
> error   : failed to load plugin: stageplugin
> error   : failed to parse config file project/empty.cfg driver blocks
> But the stage goes well.
> My question is :
> If I just make the simulation without the hardware, can I programming robot
> movement without *.cfg file or *.cc file? Just using *.world and *.inc

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