As far as I know, Stage is a 2D-simulator so implementing height will not be possible. You can use Gazebo instead, which is a 3D simulator.


On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 1:51 PM, logicalguy <> wrote:

Hi, I'm a newbie to player/stage/gazebo, so please be patient with me and
help me out, thanks :)

What I'm trying to achieve is analyse a slope map and create a world in
stage which I can use for path planning algorithms, like A*. or the built in

Is there any way to represent height/elevation in a stage world?  If I have
a canvas with regions indicating obstacles, is there any way to indicate the
height/slope of the obstacles in any way?  Colour coding is impossible, I
believe.  Would gazebo be able to do this?

Sorry if this seems like a naive question - we all have to begin somewhere!

Thanks, and hoping for quick replies.
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