I just built Stage 4.0.1 and Player 3.1.0, both based off of their current trunk/master. The compilation completed just fine and I can run each binary individually. However, when I run player with any stage world file, I get an error:

error   : Failed to load plugin stageplugin.
error   : libtool reports error: file not found
error   : plugin search path: /Users/patrickmartin:Unix/Stage-Master/worlds:/usr/local/lib/
error   : failed to load plugin: stageplugin
error   : failed to parse config file Unix/Stage-Master/worlds/simple.cfg driver blocks

Now, I have my DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH correct and /usr/local/lib contains all player and stage dylibs. 

If this is the case, did my build not actually make the stageplugin dylib? It is enabled in ccmake, but I do not see a particular file sharing those words with it. What should I look for to make sure it is built correctly?


Patrick Martin, PhD
Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Physical Sciences
York College of Pennsylvania

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