First of all, thanks to Richard Vaughan for his response about the Stage bug. Now I am facing the following situation: I have a Vision System that tracks the position of the robots being in the scene. I use a camera positioned at the cealing, and have written a Player driver in order to convert the robot position found using color segmentation, into data for Position2D interface. Then, I have a Player server from which I get that Position2D interface, and have another Player server executed directly on my robot, which also serves a Position2D interface. Now I am trying to use the GoTo() method of the Position2D interface, but of course it uses the odometry readings of the robot if I use the Position2D interface of the Player server being executed in the robot. Or if the connection is made to the other Player server, it uses the readings of my vision system, but clearly it does not send commands to the robot, because the interface is in another Player server, and another interface. Now the problem I have, is to decide to change the driver I wrote for the vision system, in order to implement the lacking commands regarding commands to motors, by redirecting those commands to the Position2D interface in the Player server of the Robot. Or is there already an existing driver that implements something similar, by combining two Position2D interfaces, one for reading and the other for writing commands, into one single Position2D interface? Or is it another easier solution of that? Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Best regards