I'm working with player 2.04 and stage 2.03 and I need to run some expensive simulation. I want to accelerate the speed of simulation, increasing the simulation time.  That was possible, in earlier version of player/stage,  by running stage with command line -f (fast mode). In recent versions, I believe that is possible too, but I'm not sure. How can I increase the speed of simulation with player/stage 2.04/2.03?

In other related question, I have in my code variables that change its values in intervals of time computed from the difference between operating system clock.  For example, a variable is increased in 1 unit each second. But, if the simulation speed is faster than real speed, I need synchronize with the clock of simulator, not real time operating system. How can I do that from my  C++ code? Is there some function in the player/stage API?

Best Regards,

      Marcelo Borghetti.