I wrote a limb interface/controller for Gazebo. My problem is that (after launching Gazebo) when I try to launch player  with a limb interface I get this error message:

  Gazebo Plugin driver creating 1 device
    6665.31.0 is  a simulation interface.
opening /tmp/gazebo-nlacock-0
opening /tmp/gazebo-nlacock-0/simulation.default 112 33842332
opening /tmp/gazebo-nlacock-0/simulation.default +112 33842332
  Gazebo Plugin driver creating 1 device
    6665.4.0 is  a position2d interface.
  Gazebo Plugin driver creating 1 device
    6665.54.0 is error: Gazebo driver doesn't support interface type 54
Error: Loading devices
error   : Initialization failed for driver "gazebo"
error   : failed to parse config file corobot.cfg driver blocks

I am pretty sure I made all of the appropriate changes to the files in gazebo, because I rebuilt the project and everything compiles and installs fine and gazebo will launch with my limb controller. I edited the Cmake lists to include my new files, I added my new interface class to gazebo.h, and I added the following line to Iface.cc:

GZ_REGISTER_IFACE("limb", LimbIface);

So, I'm pretty sure that I have done it correctly on the gazebo side, although there may be something that I missed. My question (I think) is how can I get player to permit a gazebo limb interface?

Please let me know if there is anything I can do (include some files, explain more clearly) to help clarify my problem.