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Thanks for that. I guess I never checked out the driver goto.

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On 29 July 2010 18:58, Rich Mattes <jpgr87@gmail.com> wrote:

goto.cc isn’t supposed to be very accurate (and makes mention of that several times in the code).  Its main purpose in life is to demonstrate the threading functionality of libplayerc++.  Which aspects of it would you like to improve?  The motion is controlled by a proportional controller with saturation limits, you could always tweak the parameters (for example, the turn controller has to be more than 10 degrees off course to make a change.)  The avoidance algorithm is also very simple; you could change it to some kind of wall-following scheme or something.


There is a driver called “goto” that handles getting your robot from point A to point B.  If you want obstacle avoidance along the way, you can use vfh or nd instead.