Ah okay, I figured this out eventually.

Stage does not visualize or calculate values until they are Subscribed to.  Since the simulator_stage / stageros.cpp file in ROS never subscribed to a ranger, it never ran.  Once I added the code to read in the rangers, then they started visualizing just fine.

As for the class references, rangers are defined in sets, like in the .world/.inc files.  So Stg:: ModelRanger contains the Stg::ModelRanger::sensors vector.  And then the information for each ranger as part of the set is explained here:

Thanks for this software, it's very helpful,
 - Chad

On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 12:04 AM, Chad Rockey <chadrockey@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm new to Stage (I mostly work with ROS) and I'm having issues with ranger models.  My final goal is to simulate and visualize sonars (and pass these values into ROS).

My first problem is that I can get Stage to visualize lidar pings but not the ranger scans.  Is this even possible?  (What do 'Ranger ranges' and 'Ranger transducers' mean under View -> Data -> Visualize?)

My second problem is that the Class Reference Page is kinda blank.  Does this mean Rangers haven't been implemented yet?  

For example, laser has the GetSamples() function, but I don't see anything for Ranger.

Thanks for your help,
 - Chad