I have only short experience testing amcl. What you are describing happens even in simple environments if the numbr of particles is set too low. Once the algorithm converges to a wrong estimated pose it can be hard to converge to a correct one. Unless you have a wrong setting in scale / resolution parameters of .world and .cfg files, this behaviour is normal with this algorithm.

You could try:

 -increase number of particles: e.g. parameters
  pf_min_samples 10000      pf_max_samples 100000

 -define (init_pose, init_pose_var)

Best Regards,


Roberto Guzman
Departamento de Ingenieria
Robotnik Automation, SLL
C/Berni y Catala, 53 bajo
Tel:       +34 963383835
Fax:      +34 963383580
E-mail:  rguzman@robotnik.es
Internet:  http://www.robotnik.es

2010/8/30 Tiago Veiga <tsveiga@isr.ist.utl.pt>
Hi all,

I'm a new user starting to introduce myself in the world of Player and
I'd like to ask to those of you who have more experience about the
localization driver.

When I start player, the particles of amcl are all spread on space as
suppose, and I've also already increased the variance on the initial
distribution. What I found strange is that once the robot starts to move
the particles converge very quickly (let's say in a few seconds) and
very often to a wrong position. Afterwards, even if I do some random
walking, it's very difficult for the localizer to converge to the real

I found this behavior strange, as I think particles should not converge
almost immediately once I start moving. I've tried in different maps, in
real and simulated robots, with different limits on the maximum and
minimum number of particles, and it doesn't seem to change.

Am I missing something here or may it just be the way the algorithm is?

Thanks in advance.

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