First of all, thanks to the reply regarding the Stage bug. As I said in a last post, I have tried both Player 2.1.3 and 3.0.2. I want to update the Player software on my robot, it still uses Player 2.0.5. But I really dont know which of the versions I should use, because I dont know the differences between Player 2.1.3 and 3.0.2. Could you please be so kind to explain them to me? It is clear that both use the same protocol, as both work with the same version of Stage I tested (or am I wrong?). It is also clear that P2.1.3 still uses the ordinary ./configure, make and make install instructions in order to compile it, where P3.0.2 uses cmake. The thing is that I must update the driver of my robot. If P3.0.2 is still being tested, and P2.1.3 is still going to be furthered maintained, I should select P2.1.3. But for me it is very important to know the main differences between both of them, so I can make a wise desition. Many thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards