Hi all again,

I currently have a green square on one of my robots to act as a marker to follow, and am using the blobfinder to identify if the robots tracking this point can see it. This is just specified in the robot include file as 'color "green"' for the block. However, I do not know how to reference this green point from the blobfinder; i have tried looking in the Player C++ Client Library documentation but it's proving confusing since I have no idea what packed RGB is, and google wasn't that useful.

I realise that may be unclear. What I mean is, can someone tell me how, when cycling through the array of blobs, how to code something like

if (blob.colour[i] == "green")

as I have no idea of the syntax. (I already have the loop set up so I don't need the code for that :) )

Hopefully that is is clear enough :)