Please excuse my spamming the P/S dev list, but I'm looking for some help with a conference that I'm co-chairing for the second year. Due to the relatively large number of vision researchers in Canada, historically the conference has been dominated by vision papers and reviewers, with relatively few robotics papers. As a dedicated roboticist, I'm looking for some fresh blood for our Program Committee among the robotics experts on this list. 

I've copied below my invitation to last year's program committee members. If any of you experienced researchers would be interested in joining our PC, please let me know by reply to this email. You can see last year's PC on the web site, along with the CFP. Please consider CRV'08 as a target for your papers, or those of your students.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Fourth Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision <>
Date: November 22, 2007 4:59:54 PM PST (CA)
Subject: Invitation to the CRV 2008 Program committee

Dear CRV 2007 Program Committee Member,

We are writing to you as a valued member of the program committee of the
Fourth Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV 2006). We would
like to warmly invite you to contribute to this meeting once again, for CRV
2008, to be held in Windsor, Ontario, May 28-30.

As you know, the quality of papers and reviews is the key to a valuable and
successful conference. Canada has a world-class community of vision and
robotics researchers, and we aim to reflect that quality in our Canadian
meeting. We know that reviewing takes valuable time, but we dare to ask for
some more of your time and expertise to help make this meeting a valuable part
of the annual calendar.

The main duty of PC members is to review papers, or arrange for them to be
reviewed by qualified colleagues. We are aiming once again for a large enough
PC that there will be no more than four papers per reviewer, yet still obtain
2 or 3 reviews per paper.

Of course, we also invite submissions from you and your students. This year we
have explicitly designated the co-chairs as being responsible for vision
(Frank Ferrie) and robotics (Richard Vaughan). We hope this will clarify that
papers in vision and/or robotics are welcome, and that robotics papers need
not contain vision work.    

For more information about CRV 2008, including the Call for Papers, see the
conference web pages at:

Please let us know by reply to this mail if you are able to help with CRV
2008. Thank you very much for your past efforts, and we look forward to
working with you again.

Frank Ferrie, McGill University
Richard Vaughan, Simon Fraser University