On 9-Nov-05, at 3:45 AM, blood runner wrote:

Hi all,
brian, thanks a lot with the installation help - it worked!

i'm a student writing a project in player/stage - i have defined my robots (theoretically) as smart 
ones with computer vision, they know the map and when i tell them "go to room such and such" they 
know how to do it.

but - how do i do so with player/stage, in practice? is there an algorithm i can take for the robot 
so it would know how to avoid obstacles? 

if not computer vision, i'd like to do it with sonar - is there a smart sonar algorithm for 
navigation? if not, where do i start learning how to write such an algorithm? (the player 
documentation isn't much of help, i need to see c++ examples of navigation)

i'm short with time, so i'd rather have something written, for in the project i assume the robots 
know HOW to go to a specified point avoiding obstacles and i only need to write a component to 
control them, and tell them WHERE they need to go)

Also there are several C++ examples including sonar and laser based obstacle avoidance cunningly hidden in the source tree directory <player>/examples/c++/.

Also Player's VFH driver can take care of getting your robot from place to place, so long as the route is easy. It's quite simple to use. Look at the manual entry for VFH. 

Hope that helps to get you started.


Richard Vaughan
School of Computing Science / Simon Fraser University