There is no strict policy on this but general practice seems to be:
 - For bug fixes, small patches the author field is left unchanged
 - For new features the author list is often updated, usually with a comment as to what the later author added
 - A complete rework of a driver you might use the reverse, set yourself as the author and then add a note acknowledging the original author.

In general we leave this up to the discretion of the new contributor, i.e. if you modify the author line and submit a patch, generally that is what will end up in the source file.


2009/9/14 Richard Mattes <>

I was wondering what the policy is for modifying or adding to the source
files that are already written for Player.  Under what circumstances
would you add yourself to the "authors" section?  Would you have had to
write the entire driver yourself?  Do you add yourself if you make a
couple small changes?  Large significant changes?  I've been working on
a few things and I just wanted some clarification so I'm not stepping on
anyone's toes.


Rich Mattes

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