Player is pretty flexible in this respect. In the past when I have worked with a small fleet of pioneers we had a ITX PC on each robot running a player server and then clients to control them on desktop(s), You can have multiple clients connected to each server, so if you want one desktop for visualising the lot, that doesn't stop you having other clients to control them.

Really what it comes down to is: The hardware you have available, how you are going to communicate with the robots, and the latency you need.

If you are running a tight control loop, you probably dont want that running over consumer wifi, so if in that case you would be wise to run at least some of the control locally. On the other hand if you are using a platform that has minimal resources it might be worth using very simple control with custom code/communication, and then create a plugin that talks this protocol from a desktop (which could talk to all your robots if you want).

So unfortunately not the simple answer you probably wanted, mainly because probably almost every configuration you can think of has been used by someone at some point with Player, and so it has grown to support all of the options.


2009/7/24 Paul Ozog <>
For a college project we are working on using multiple robots to move in formation.

My question is: should we run a player server on each individual robot, using a laptop as a client to run the formations program?  Or would it be possible to have a desktop be the server and the individual robots the clients?  Using 1 server per robot seems the most common, but we would like the ability to visualize every robot at once on one computer.  We plan on using Gumstix.  Any other recommendations on cheap hardware to use with player are appreciated.

It seems like this simple question isn't really answered anywhere - and I am a newb so be gentle.


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