Okay, that had been well tested, the code to handle the option had been added, but getopt wasnt told about it. This should fix it

Index: server/server.cc
--- server/server.cc    (revision 8102)
+++ server/server.cc    (working copy)
@@ -439,7 +439,7 @@
           int argc, char** argv)
   int ch;
-  const char* optflags = "d:p:hq";
+  const char* optflags = "d:p:l:hq";
   // Get letter options
   while((ch = getopt(argc, argv, optflags)) != -1)

2009/7/23 Patrick Beeson <beeson.p@gmail.com>
pbeeson@tardis:~/bot$ player -l player cfg/test.cfg
Registering driver
Player v.3.0.0-rc1
player: invalid option -- 'l'
USAGE:  player [options] [<configfile>]

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