Hi Richard,
I have one small thought about how models are specified. At the moment child objects are stacked on top of their parent. For me personally it is more intuitive to specify child model poses from the parent origin, rather than its top.

Obviously this was specifically added for a reason, but I feel taking out this offset makes it much easier to specify complicated models, and not much more difficult in the stacked case. If you agree then I am happy to update the models distributed with stage to operate in this manner. If not I am certainly not going to loose any sleep over it :)

I think the relevant bits of code were model_draw.cc
// move into this model's local coordinate frame
void Model::PushLocalCoords()
  if( parent )
    glTranslatef( 0,0, parent->geom.size.z );
  Gl::pose_shift( pose );

and model_getset.cc
// get the model's position in the global frame
Pose Model::GetGlobalPose() const
  // if I'm a top level model, my global pose is my local pose
  if( parent == NULL )
    return pose;
  // otherwise   
  Pose global_pose = pose_sum( parent->GetGlobalPose(), pose );       
  // we are on top of our parent
  global_pose.z += parent->geom.size.z;
  return global_pose;

2009/6/23 Richard Vaughan <vaughan@sfu.ca>

Stage SVN trunk is working well and has many features that are missing
in 3.0.1. I'd like to do release 3.1.0 in July, so this is a last call
for new feature patches. Around 1 July I will stop adding new features
and concentrate on docs, build bugs, etc. Until then, if you have some
good Stage code that you'd like to see in the release, please send
your patch to the tracker at Sourceforge. Nice demo world files and
controllers are also welcome.

Stage-3.1 concentrates on adding models missing from 3.0 (including
grippers batteries and chargers), the libstage API, and performance.

After this release, I aim to add Windows as a standard platform, in
line with Player's recent Windows support.

While I have your eyes, I'd like to thank Toby Collett for his
excellent support of the released versions, and some great trunk
patches. If you run into him  please buy him a beer.


Richard Vaughan
Autonomy Lab / Computing Science / Simon Fraser University

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