Sounds great, if you go to the sourceforge project page (, and then find the project link on the left) you should be able to find the 'tracker' and submit the patch.

In terms of the whiteboard model have a look at the localbb driver in player, this possibly does what you want (blackboard rather than whiteboard :)


2009/5/28 Rahul Balani <>
Hi everyone,

I have ported the Wifi model from stage-2.1.1 to the latest version of libstage (svn rev 7729). How can I submit its patch to the tracker?

I have tested the Friis and raytracing model (the other models should be fine too), and modified the wander controller example to subscribe to the wifi interface. Sample worlds/ and worlds/wifi.cfg files are provided. Some other files (, were also modified to support the wifi model.

Next, I will be adding a whiteboard interface and a corresponding controller to simulate messaging/data sharing in distributed applications. If someone has already done that, it will be great if you can provide the source/patch. Comments/tips are welcome. :-)


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