I agree that we need to solve the problem you were seeing originally. Good to hear that the new one goes though.


2009/5/22 Paul Osmialowski <newchief@king.net.pl>

On Wed, 20 May 2009, Toby Collett wrote:

> Also if global goto is just a proportinal controler, have you considered
> making in unthreaded. In this way it could only send a command to the
> underlying velocity device if it recieved a new position update, or a new
> target. This is a seperate change though and it should not be needed for
> normal operation.
> Toby
Hi Toby,

It's amazing, doing GlobalGoto unthreaded driver solved my problem, at
least during all the test I did at my (slow) home PC. Soon I'll try
how it behaves on my killer high-end PC at work (for test completeness).

New (unthreaded) version of globalgoto (now called globalgoto2) is here:
Since it is not threaded driver, I suspect it can also be compiled with

Still I'm not convinced that this is the best way of solving communication
problems. If we make all message-driven drivers unthreaded (see
cameracompress and other heavy computing things), whole Player server will
suffer from huge slowdown.


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